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When it comes to driving, the emissions test is likely one of the last things you think about. In the state of California, all drivers must pass an annual smog test in order to stay on the road. If you need a smog test and you're in the Downtown San Jose area, come visit the experts at Dhillon Motorsports. We have the skillset and many years of experience to ensure that your vehicle is operating to the current standards. And, if you happen to fail the test, we're here for you. Our highly trained, experienced team can make any necessary smog repairs to get you back on the road in no time flat.

Our goal is to provide every customer with affordable, accurate smog test and repair services. Make sure you come and see us for your annual testing if you're in the Downtown San Jose area. We offer fast, reliable service and provide everything at affordable prices. We're also happy to run a full diagnostics test if your check engine light is on. While smog testing is our main focus, we're happy to offer other services, too.

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If you happened to fail your emissions test, bring your vehicle to us and we'll address the problem. We'll make the proper recommendations for smog repair so your vehicle receives a passing grade. Every car in California including the Downtown San Jose area must have a passed emissions test. Our technicians will ensure that your vehicle meets the current standards and if you happened to fail the test, we'll get things corrected. Our facility uses the latest tools and testing equipment that provides accurate results in a short amount of time so you don't have to sit around and wait for an update.

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For drivers who've failed an emissions test, your vehicle registration is at stake. Never put off this important test since you could be producing harmful toxins into the air every time you drive your car. This is a serious problem that many Californians face, so we're proud to be here for our customers and get the problems corrected for you as soon as possible. Our dedicated team has a focus on all things smog-related, so don't delay and come see us today. You can schedule your appointment online or give us a call if you live in the Downtown San Jose area. We're happy to answer all your questions and get you scheduled so you can get safely back on the road with a passed emissions test.