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Your vehicle's emissions are surely the last thing you think about until the DMV forces you to think about them. This is typically once every two years. We all need to bring our vehicle to the shop that's most convenient – because we're already busy enough! The smog check process can be time-consuming and costly if you choose the wrong place to provide emissions testing. Which is where we come in. Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose, CA is your one-stop shop for all of your automotive needs. Our name derived from our “super powers” when providing smog testing and repair services. Every motorist has to confront their emissions' level of toxicity. Our team has been here since 2004, providing San Jose customers with precision smog check services for all makes and models. We expanded to a full-service repair facility and have been saving the day ever since.

Your One-Stop Smog Test and Auto Repair Shop

Motorists from all over the Willow Glen and San Jose community have come to know us by our service expertise. We've only become the best quality smog test and auto repair provider in the area, making us your one-stop auto repair shop. Our technicians understand that visiting our shop is not at the top of your to-do list. But honestly, that's exactly where we need to be. If your auto repairs are an emergency, then your appointment with us is long overdue. When it comes to repairs and maintenance services, the best time to receive inspections and diagnostics is way before anything seems to be wrong. We believe in avoiding emergencies. Even though we make a living saving the day for our customers, we want what's best for you and your vehicle. And what's best for you and your vehicle is to give us a chance to perform routine preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs and parts replacements.

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Come to our facility to meet the experts! Our friendly and well-trained technicians specialize in exhaust system repairs and maintenance. That's where we started, but we've become all that and so much more. If your vehicle does not meet California's required emissions standards, then you'll need to bring it to a qualified repair shop. Motorists who choose Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose are already at the right location. A failed emission test is a minor bump in the road. We have the tools, diagnostic equipment, and service expertise to get you back on the road. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a smog check, maintenance inspection, service, or repair.