5 Ways to Tell If You Need a Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is a process of adjusting your vehicle's wheel angles to be in line with each other. This type of service guarantees that your vehicle drives straight without concern and gives you the proper handling. 

While it may be easy (for some people) to overlook the symptoms of misaligned wheels, it's even easier to fix. Misaligned wheels should be taken more seriously as they can be very dangerous, especially on wet roads. Your tires can lose traction, causing you to lose control of your car and, in some cases, hydroplane. Here are five ways to tell your vehicle is in urgent need of a wheel alignment.

  1. THE STEERING WHEEL IS VIBRATING. Misaligned wheels will cause your steering wheel to be put into overdrive.
  2. YOUR VEHICLE PULLS TO ONE SIDE.  If the surface you are on is smooth and you let go of your steering wheel, a properly aligned car will continue to roll straight forward. If it pulls to the left or right, then you need a wheel alignment.
  3. THE STEERING WHEEL IS CROOKED. A steering wheel that's off-center in the slightest can indicate an alignment problem.  
  4. THE TIRES ARE SQUEALING. Misaligned wheels can also negatively impact your suspension. As a result, your tires may make an unpleasant squeal.
  5. THE TIRES WEAR UNEVENLY. Tire tread can tell you many things, including if your alignment is off. If you notice the tread is feathering, you should take it to the shop right away.

Wheel Alignment Service in San Jose, CA

 At Dhillon Motorsports, we are here for professional auto maintenance and repairs, including high-quality alignments. Our shop is proud to be equipped with state-of-the-art wheel alignment machines and equipment to perform the service.  

As soon as you witness any warning signs, we invite you to our shop for an inspection. If you continue to drive with poorly aligned wheels, you risk damaging more of your car. This is why we always suggest getting your wheel alignment taken care of as soon as possible. If you require an alignment or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call or visit today!