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What’s Coming Out Of Your Exhaust Pipe?

It’s no secret that vehicles release some pretty harmful chemicals and gasses into the environment. These gases and emissions can severely reduce air quality, especially in larger cities that may be more congested with cars. This may be the reason some people choose to drive a hybrid or fully electric vehicle. It’s also widely believed that exhaust fumes released into the atmosphere are a contributing factor to global warming. What pollutants are being released from our vehicle’s tailpipe?  Particulates –Particulates are primarily released from diesel engines and typically emit the black airborne soot you may be familiar with. Most modern diesel vehicles have diesel particulate filters to prevent most of it from being pumped into the air.   Carbon dioxide (CO2) – Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is a severe contributing factor to climate change and ocean acidification. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated th ... read more