Commonly Neglected Vehicle Maintenance Tasks

Being a vehicle owner is a major responsibility. Staying on a consistent vehicle maintenance schedule not only benefits you, but it also benefits other drivers. Neglecting to prioritize your vehicle maintenance can lead to costly mechanical issues later down the road. Unfortunately, some maintenance tasks are completely forgotten by drivers. Below is a list of maintenance tasks commonly overlooked over the lifespan of a vehicle: 

Transmission Fluid 
Regularly changing your engine oil is a task embedded in most driver's brains and for a good reason. Oil changes keep your engine lubricated. However, most drivers forget about the maintenance of their transmission. You don't want to wait until you have a problem with your transmission before getting it inspected. Fixing and rebuilding a transmission can leave you thousands of dollars short if you neglect to maintain it. Some newer vehicles have a transmission system made to last the lifetime of the warranty. However, a transmission flush and fluid change in an older car is essential and can maximize its performance. 

Air Filters
Most vehicles have two air filters, one for the cabin and one for the engine. Since drivers don't regularly see them, they may forget altogether. If they get too dirty, you can find yourself breathing in dirt and debris. Frequently changing both air filters help improve the air quality in the cabin and preserve the health of your vehicle's core systems. 

A wheel alignment
Your mechanic shouldn't have to offer you a wheel alignment; they should already be on your radar. A bad wheel alignment can cause your tires to wear quicker and increase your vehicle's fuel consumption. Ask for a wheel alignment during your next oil change or service to keep your suspension in tip-top shape.  

A Coolant System flush
Close to 40 percent of engine failures can be due to a cooling system related issue. If your cooling system has gone untouched for years, it may be a good idea to schedule one. If the coolant isn't flushed, old slime can form and plug important components of your vehicle, such as the heater core, radiator, and fluid passages. This can cause significant damage and expensive repairs.  

The Battery 
Car batteries seem to be forgotten about until they burnt out. Summer heat can lessen the life cycle of your vehicle, so it's always important to have it checked to assess its condition and how much life it has left. With time, batteries will need to be replaced, but proper vehicle maintenance can extend its life. 

Staying on top of essential vehicle maintenance can keep your car running for several years. While many of these neglected maintenance tasks can be performed at home, it's smarter to leave oil changes and alignments to the professionals. Don't hesitate to give Dhillon Motorsports a call today! We are the premier San Jose, CA auto repair shop, and our mission is to keep you safe and your car running strong for many years!