Do I Need A Smog Test Yearly?

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For the past 14 years, the team at Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose has helped thousands of drivers get road ready throughout the year. Our team is committed to educating and informing area residents about the requirements, exemptions, testing and repairs required to maintain compliance in California. To remain in compliance with California's testing requirements it takes some serious attention to detail in understanding the statute. The legislature found it necessary to require testing every other year because it would be burdensome to require annual testing. Let's take a look at whether there are any categories that require annual tests.

Recent Models

This category of cars, do not require a test even every other year. The statute analysis probably recognized that the newer the vehicle the less likely that emissions will be problematic. Therefore, since the object or the law is not to place undue burden on citizens, there applies a period in length of 6 years whereby your car does not fall under the statute. A fee may apply however. Additionally, requiring unlikely vehicles to have emissions test would place undue burden on the entire testing system causing it to be delayed and likely be unsuccessful.


No, diesel vehicles do not require a yearly smog test according to the mandates. Yes, they do produce toxic emissions, even more than the cars that require the test. However, since diesel vehicles have their own industry wide regulation that requires them to install equipment that lowers the harmful discharge. It is costly to make these changes to trucks, but it helps with emissions. Additionally, trucks are subject to random stops along highways for weight and other checks. Many organizations complaining the this does not go far enough to protect the public. However, trucks are the lifeblood of many communities and there is no other transportation option to bring food and other goods into neighborhoods.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are similarly situated, they do not require a yearly test, in fact they are exempted from the statutory mandated bi-annual testing. They have to pay a fee yearly.

Yearly checks are not the common requirement of the statute. It seems the legislature delicately balances the burden on the public and the best interest of residents. They do have very strict mandates that must be complied with. Contact us at Smogman and let us help you decipher this regulation. We have been helping residents for years on getting tested.

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