Does My Car Qualify For A Smog Exemption


From the open roads of the west to the lowlands of the south, knowing your car can take you safely wherever you go is a top priority. And when it comes to assessing safety and performance, a car owner must go the distance.

When it is time to determine whether your vehicle qualifies for smog exemption, give Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose a call at 408-999-0699. We have a reputation for quality service, dependability, and competitive pricing. With our expertise, your car can pass the smog test and get back on the road quickly.

We help drivers ensure the quality of their vehicle's emissions throughout the year, and we can also help you determine whether you qualify for a status that is exempted based on the statutory information. Here are some reasons why you would fall outside of the statute requiring a test.


You may qualify for a status of exempt which is extremely difficult to obtain albeit, temporary. Regulations crafted very careful permits an temporary exemption based on location. If your car is located outside of the state at the time testing is required, you may apply for a limited, temporary hiatus on testing. However, an application is required. In the application, you must outline where the car is currently located and why it is there. There are localities where your car is that will be denied. Further, you must obtain proper testing upon returning to the state. Submit your application, sign it and wait for your approval. As long as you do return the vehicle to the state, you are exempted.

Low Income

Another relatively rare exemption exists, upon application and approval, for a limited period of time. For up to two years, you may be able to register your vehicle without a smog check. Restrictions do apply, however, if you follow the steps it is a reprieve. Upon an unsuccessful test, you must attempt to make repairs. However, if you cannot afford such repairs, there is an application which can help you pay upto $500 to make repairs. This is a great break and hopefully a great help to those who need it. However, if repairs surpass the threshold, then you meet the next tier and are able to make application for the 2-year hiatus. Contact Smogman with any of questions regarding eligibility and exemptions. Other exemptions exits, we are here to make it easy to find out your status and get whatever you need to get moving again.

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