Few Tips For Your Next Smog Check

Smog check program is ideal for all cars manufactured in the US that are manufactured before 1976. It is mandatory for your car to pass the smog check that is biennial so that your driving becomes legal in the state. However, many users do not clear the smog check at the first go which will cost them more in getting prepared their car to pass the smog check Santa Clara quickly.

If you are preparing your car for a smog check, then the following tips are specially meant for you:

  • Get a registration renewal notice from the respected DMV of your state to get a smog certificate faster.
  • If your car shows some light called “Check Engine” light then immediately fix with a car repair service to pass the smog check at once.
  • Burn out the oil residues and gas residues in your car by driving it in a highway at least one week before the smog check.
  • See if your car needs oil change. If an oil change is required then get it done quickly so that smog failure is avoided.
  • Check the status of your car tires. If the car tires are not properly inflated then get it done at a service prior to smog check.
  • Check the coolant of your car, its radiator and also the gas levels of your vehicle much ahead of a smog check. Only if these are in good condition, the vehicle can pass the smog check in the first attempt itself.
  • It always good to drive your car daily before a smog check. Drive at least one mile in a day and do this for a week. You can also avoid smog tests during rainy days.

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