Genuine and quality Smog check in San Jose

We are a San Jose downtown based Smog check centre named The Smog man.We have more than seven years of experience in providing quality smog checks and conduct smog tests to keep your vehicle pollution free.We are very well aware of the fact that no one is basically fond of such smog checks and smog tests.We keep that in mind and try to keep it as less irritating and as less time consuming as we can.

We are well known for our good quality and timely services.We rely on just simple good old fashioned hard work.We are also known for dependability and affordable cost.We are the only smog check centre in downtown area.Apart from that we provide you with every type of Smog Check like

Regular Smog
Test Only Smog
Change of Ownership
Diesel Smog

Apart from that this San Jose based smog check centre is also known for is complete customer satisfaction.Come to us and know what customer satisfaction is. We suggest you necessary repairing you need for a good performance so that your vehicle passes the the smog check without any inconvenience.

Doing a Smog test not only helps improve your vehicle but it also helps you in reducing air pollution.Air pollution can cause various problems like global warming and not just nature,even humans are equally affected by it.Presence of Smog in air is the main reason of breathing problems and skin irritation.Breathing polluted air can cause Bronchitis.

We provide you a pre smog check,suggest you any possible loop holes in your vehicle that can result into a failed smog check and also help you do your bit for the environment.We provide you all these services at a very affordable and a very competitive price.You can read our prices on our website.Log into and check out the rates for your vehicle.Whats more,we also have a couple of discount coupons for you on our website.Just print it and bring it to us and we give you a good discount.We take care of your pocket too.

Call Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose for an appointment today!