Getting Reliable Certification For Smog Tests From A Reputed Servicing Company

Smog inspection is required for non-diesel vehicles manufactured before 1998 and also all the vehicles which have Gross weight of more than 14,000 lbs. Vehicle owners must carry smog certificate and renew it periodically. The government brought this rule to avoid air pollution and it is necessary before making registration for a vehicle. The emission test is necessary to pass out the legal charges of a vehicle and making renewals.

Dependable Company for automobile services

The Smog Man Company in San Jose, CA provides Smog checking services for all types of vehicles. It has adequate experience to perform emission tests carefully and provide clearance certificates. Experienced professionals of the company offer reliable services for vehicles with good quality machines. Affordable and reasonable prices are charged for Smog Test & Check San Jose and Smog Test & Check Sunnyvaleareas.

Areas of services:

  • Regular smog tests are done for every type of vehicle.
  • Diesel smog testing is done for all vehicles. Smog Check technicians perform pre-inspection test to diagnose potential emission related problems and help to get repairs for the vehicles if necessary.
  • For the vehicles which are going to be sold and ownership changes, it is necessary for getting a smog test certificate.
  • In whole emission tests, the only smog test can also have without any repairs according to the budget.
  • Before getting the test done, the vehicle must be good in condition and well serviced.
  • Vehicle must be filled with good quality gas and inflated tires.
  • If Auto repair Sunnyvale & San Jose is required, the Smog Man Company is the perfect destination.
  • Custom Exhaust systems are arranged for custom and classic automobiles. Catalytic converter testing is important for all models of automobiles.
  • Maintenance with Lube Oil and Filter is essential for all vehicles. Cooling systems, heads and engines, tires are repaired and presented in a wonderful condition.
  • Fluid transmission service is provided to reduce the heat levels of transmission components in cars.

Getting the smog test done in The Smog Man Company is dependable and preferable to the vehicle owners. All types of repairs are also done and made the vehicle run in a good condition.

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