How Smog Tests Protect the Environment

Smog Test

As one of the most environmentally-conscious states in the country, California leads the way to a cleaner future. From water use and sustainable farming to clean energy and lower emissions, San Jose residents care about protecting our precious air.

When pollution comes to mind, you might think only buses and 18-wheelers spit dirty smoke and contaminate the atmosphere. Few comprehend that regular people making everyday commutes can be big offenders, as well.

Smog Tests and Your Car's Health

Like routine visits to the doctor, regularly checking your car's health helps ensure it runs efficiently and cleanly. A well-maintained vehicle emits fewer harmful chemicals, and regular smog tests are a vital part of the process.

Since understanding your vehicle's emissions requires professional evaluation, making the call on your own won't work. With top-notch training and skills, only our trusted professionals are qualified to test your vehicle and prescribe a course of action, and since police officers are trained to spot ill-running vehicles, delaying necessary checks could result in getting pulled over. Why risk it when you can pop into Smog Man for an easy, no-hassle fix?

Once testing and necessary repairs have been completed, your car will no longer be part of the pollution problem, and another well-working engine can return to the California road.

How Often to Test

Laws can vary depending on the area and make/model of the vehicle. Though annual and bi-annual tests are most common, it helps to check with the experts to make sure you're up to date.

Why Choose Us?

Although we have expanded our services, Smog Man started out fully focused on smog tests, so you can trust our experts. With decades of combined experience, our knowledgeable professionals have perfected their craft, so the testing process runs quickly, without long waits or ambiguous questions. You'll know right away the results of the test and our follow-up plan.

In addition, not only can we test it, we can fix it. Our team's experience with various makes and models means your vehicle is in capable hands. If you can't register due to failed emissions tests, we can analyze the exhaust system and perform all necessary repairs, so you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

To make sure your car stays healthy and the earth stays happy, call Smog Man today at 408-999-0699 and schedule an appointment with our team of experts.

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