I Need To Replace A Burned-Out Fuse…What Should I Do?


By design, fuses shut down as a safety mechanism that prevents system overload. Therefore, you've probably experienced a blown fuse in your car or home at some point. Fortunately, changing a broken fuse looks the same regardless of where it happens. To change a burned-out fuse in your vehicle, follow these simple steps:

Find the Fuse Panel

Like locating this vital hub is one of the first things you do in a new home, so does it help with your vehicle. If you need guidance, the owner's manual will tell you where to find it, but it sits under the steering wheel in most cases.

Remove the Cover

Once you find the panel, take off the cover and look on other side for a diagram illustrating each fuse and what it powers. The panel itself will involve various numbers and colors that explain different amperages.

Find the Blown Fuse

The dead fuse will almost always be black (or the metal filament could be broken). Note: A flashlight makes this task easier.

Detach the Broken Fuse

You can use your hands or a variety of grasping tools for this part, but the point is to extract the burned-out fuse using as much care as possible not to break it (a broken fuse becomes more difficult to remove).

Attach Replacement Fuse

The fuse panel will tell you the amperage for each fuse, so make sure to use an appropriate replacement. Using one with incorrect amperage can seriously damage the system, leaving you with a much bigger problem than a blown fuse.

Start the Car

If it ignites normally, you've done everything correctly. If the same fuse blows after you replace it (or doesn't work), you should have the car taken to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Helpful Hints

  • To save you the hassle of buying a fuse after the fact, consider keeping extras (of various amperages) in your console or glove box.
  • If you blow a fuse without a replacement, you can use one from a less-important function (of the same amperage) as a temporary fix. For example, if the fuse for your windshield wipers blows on a rainy day, use the working fuse from the power windows as a replacement (after ensuring they share amperages). This can buy you some time to purchase another fuse.

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