Keep To Save Environment By Smog Check

Do we all know? what is a smog test and why is it required?, is it a requirement because of some Standards or guidelines..? So here it is. Yes! it is very much a mandatory requirement as per the regulations and all Vehicles registered should have smog check to submit an evidence of a smog certification this will assure everyone that it is safe on environment with no pollutions. Even for every other renewal period the smog certification is a must for all vehicles. Moreover, since the check confirms the out of type and the quantity of the pollutants emitted by the car the test is mandatory as without passing this, the car cannot be renewed/sold or driven it is illegal!. The smog tests are undertaken to make sure that the car is environmentally friendly and in the good condition to be driven without damaging the freshness of the environment by emitting pollutants' in the air that can pose serious danger. The tests are in various formats as per the location and they differ amongst others and it is according to the set standards and rules in that particular area.

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