My Car Is New, Do I Need A Smog Test?

Do I Need A Smog Test?

Congratulations on buying your new car. It can be a long process to decide on what make and model you want, which dealer you will be able to negotiate with the best, and finally getting the financing done. It can take many hours and days visiting different dealers, researching online and making the ultimate decision. It is a fun, and anxiety-filled process. However, after it is done it is a great accomplishment knowing you have what you want at the price you are comfortable with.

After the process is complete you can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment because you have the car you want at a price you can also enjoy. However, time to pause your enjoyment for a moment because now you need to navigate registration requirements. After discovering that each state has its own insurance regulations, and calling your agent to get what you need, it is time to discuss your smog test requirements. Here in San Jose, California, navigating the process after your purchase can take more research. Contact us at Smo Man Test and Repair at 408-999-0699 where we can help you pass your test and repair any issues holding you back from passing. Here are the issues that you need to know about your new car and other tips when your car is no longer brand new off the lot.

New Car Emissions

California's regulations on emissions are codified in a body of law that can be quite confusing for most car buyers and others. There are exemptions, time frames, and levels that have to be maneuvered. The statute has gone through some changes, as in 2005. New cars previously had to undergo similar testing to all cars. However, as of 2005, new cars fall into a special class of exemption. This exemption allows owners of fairly new cars to only pay a fee every year, which goes to a smog abatement fund. This fund is collected by the state, according to the regulation, to oversee, maintain, conduct and enforce the emissions program throughout the state. This fee is an alternative to testing. If your car falls into one of the model years that is six years from the current year or newer; you can take this substitute to test.

Testing can be burdensome, therefore, this seems to be a preferable option. Consider the alternative, if your car has a malfunction that causes it to fail and repairs are required. Although Smogman Test and Repair can make even this more burdensome requirement simple. Again, congratulations on your new purchase and contact us with all your testing and repair needs.

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