Signs It’s Time to Change Your Cabin Air Filter

The wildfires from Santa Clarita have pushed hazardous smoke and ash into the air, posing a potential health risk. If you’re among the population more sensitive to air pollution, try staying indoors as often as possible. Drivers should also make a note of the air traveling inside their vehicle through the vents. The vents have air filters that prevent you from breathing in dust, debris, and other harmful pollutants. Cabin air filters help prevent potential respiratory health problems. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will have suggested intervals to have it changed, but you should also take your driving habits, seasons, environmental elements into consideration. Below are three common signs, it’s time to replace your cabin filter. 

Foul Smell 
If the filter is dirty, you’ll notice a musty odor blowing through the vents. If the smell is making the drive unpleasant, it’s time to have the filter replaced. 
Decrease in Airflow
If the vents are struggling to blow an adequate amount of air into the cabin, the filter may be dirty. In severe cases, the AC blower motor can become overworked and go bad. A decreased airflow can occur due to a variety of issues and should be inspected by a mechanic. 
Reduced Gas Mileage
If you’re making more frequent trips to the gas station, it may be time to change the cabin air filter. A clogged air filter will force the engine to overcompensate the decrease in oxygen by using more fuel to create power. If more fuel is used, fuel efficiency will decrease.
Cabin Air Filter Replacement in San Jose, CA

The cabin air filter plays an essential role in filtering out pollutants to keep the air you breathe safe. Therefore, it’s necessary to know precisely when it needs a replacement. If you suspect your cabin air filter needs to be changed, count on Dhillon Motorsports.


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