Smog A Serious Problem In Cities

Smog has really become serious problem since it was first seen and is a cause of death to thousands of people and as many are having the diseases like bronchitis, asthma and emphysema, caused by harm full effects of smog. Smog is basically formed due to the burning a large amount of coal in the city and also called as “pea soup fog”, the famous London smog is the best example of it. Emissions from vehicles and industries are also the major cause of creating pollution in and around the cities and thereby causing the creation of smog, emission of fuel burn remains as nitrogen oxides and other volatile organic compounds when react with sunlight form a photochemical smog producing a ground level ozone and airborne particles which arelethal to human life. With the fast developing and expanding cities it has now become the major problem of all countries around the world.

Precaution measures

To protect the environment and in regarding to the health of the people government of different countries has taken major serious steps against it.There are laws regarding this in the state of California also and according these laws all vehicles are categorized in different groups according to their year of manufacturing, type of structure and on the basis of fuel they run. You have to make smog check of the vehicle and get the certificate that its pollution free.

Service provider

Luckily there is star certified “The Smog Man”, to provide check for smog Santa Clara. The smog man provides perfect service for smog test Sunnyvale and helps you to get your smog check clear. The tips that will help you clear your vehicles smog test are as listed

  • • To use good quality fuel while the inspection is being done.
  • • You also need to be sure of all regular maintenance are done or not before test.
  • • Keep tires well inflated.
  • • Give your car a warm up of at least 10 minutes prior reaching the smog man for test.

Every type of check for smog Palo Alto is provided by the firm however the checks that possibly would we required by a DMV vehicle are like test only smog, Diesel smog and regular smog. Here at the smog man you also get service for auto repair San Jose CA. the shop is providing the service for repair of custom exhaust to heads and engine, making the firm well known for auto repair Sunnyvale CA.

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