Smog Test- The One Test You Have To Pass

In most of the countries there are laws in place which entitles every owner of a vehicle appear and pass a smog test once in a year. If a vehicle fails to pass such test then the owner's registration can be cancelled. This move has been adopted to encourage a pollution free environment. A well cared and maintained car provides the best service and is a good bet to pass the test.

Here are the things you have to do to pass a smog check in San Jose-

Take the car out for a test drive- take your vehicle out of the city before a couple of weeks of the test. Try driving it at highway speed. This enables the catalytic converter to get hot which in turn burns out any leftover oil and gas residues. Many short trips won't do the job as the catalytic converter won't get hot enough.

If required replace the oil- dirty oil often leads to formation of pollutants which could be a major factor in your vehicle failing the test. So change the oil, if required.

Perform a tune up of your car- if here is any other maintenance problems with your car fix them before the test. The best way is a complete tune up. While tuning up make sure the technician checks for hoses, cracked or broken.

Check the tyres- it is essential you check the tire pressure, the inflation level. If the tyres are not inflated in a proper way it leads to more pressure on the engine.

Gas- before going to the test check your vehicle's gas level and also the coolant system. This is important as at the test they will run the car at high speed while being stationery. So less air passes through the radiator for it to cool down. And if gas level is low it could lead to exposal of vapour in the fuel line.

Pre inspection- the best way to be sure is to perform a pre inspection before the actual test. This way you can make sure your vehicle is ready to pass the check.

Fuel additive- older cars may have their fuel injectors clogged. A fuel additive will help clean up the small openings which gives your vehicle a higher chance to pass.

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