Star Certified Smog Check Station In San Jose

Smog was the term first coined in England and it meant mixture of smoke and fog. It is the visible part of the air pollution which when comes in contact with the sunlight changes its structure and become photochemical pollution. The major contributors to smog are the personal vehicles and factory emission. Smog is a serious health hazard for everyone and even more for kids and old people with pulmonary and respiratory disorders.

There is a stringent rule regarding the smog test in California. The cars that have passes the test elsewhere may not pass in California. Most newer cars are not supposed to get smog inspection certification for few years but instead has to pay annual smog abetment fees.

The DMV suggests that the smog test should be done at the STAR Certified stations. The Smog Man has its star certified stations across the California. It has station in San Jose then in Sunnyvale (officially known as City of Sunnyvale) in Santa Clara County and again in Palo Alto. In all these places The Smog Man being STAR certified has higher test standards than other stations.

The standard of service is determined by the satisfaction of the customers. The complete smog check in Santa Clara i.e. the emission under idle engine running as well as when it is revved is almost always completed in 15 minutes. There are customers who have been using The Smog Man for years! They keep this easy and simple for the customers who in turn suggest their friends and relatives. The technicians are attentive and friendly and the waiting areas are kept clean with good ambience. There is no need for prior appointment.

Even though the fees for smog check is affordable there is a discount coupon available in the official website. They have varied payment modes like cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, debit or American express. Anything would do!

The smog check includes regular check and diesel smog check. There are a few things that The Smog Man suggests the customers to help themselves pass the test more efficiently. The car should have at least 20 minutes of warm up to remove and carbon residue in exhaust. The tires must me properly inflated because when the car is run on dynamometer a poorly inflated tire will show an under performing engine and lastly use good quality oil for your cars.

In case of transfer of ownership the seller is required to give valid smog inspection certification which is provided by The Smog Man which is valid till 90 days from the issued date.

The Smog Man has been in San Jose for 7 years and is so efficient only because they believe in excellent quality service at competitive price.

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