Symptoms That Indicate You May Need a Tune-Up

Your car is a source of great convenience which makes it important that you take it for maintenance after some time. There are also some red flags you need to be on the lookout for that indicate the need for a tune-up. Here are the symptoms that indicate you may need a tune-up.

Unusual Noises

Cars, especially the latest models are made to be as silent as possible while producing enough power to propel it forward or backward. As a driver, you probably are used to the obvious noises made by your car as you drive it out but once you hear a strange noise whether loud or faint, you need to check it out. As soon as you experience this, you need to call our shop and schedule for an inspection soon to avoid further complications and also to keep your car in pristine condition.

Loss of Acceleration Power

Depending on where you are driving, there are areas where you might want to overtake or drive faster, you need to use the accelerator but the pedal could fail. In most cases, it usually is the car losing acceleration for car or power, which is a rather conspicuous symptom for a major car problem. If you notice your car losing acceleration power, i.e., being unable to accelerate and climb a hill out without passengers, consider calling our shop to book an appointment soon.


If you drive a manual transmission car, then you might be familiar with this problem. The stalling is when the engine stops working and some of the reasons for this could be a dead battery, Ignition problems, or fuel pump issues. Manual transmission vehicles tend to suffer these problems more often and if not fixed, might lead to permanent damage of crucial parts of the car such as the engine or transmission gear.

The best solution at hand is to ensure that you take very good care of your car which entails regular tune-ups and you will live to enjoy the comfort and convenience of your vehicle. If you believe that you are due for a tune-up or a service, we invite you to give our shop a call or stop by today for service!