The Different Causes That Lead To The Smog Test Failure

In every state, different limits have been established by departments regarding the emission of harmful gases by vehicles. To keep a check on the level of discharge, smog test Sunnyvale has been mandated in all the states, which measures the level of different gases, oxides of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, released by vehicles. However, if you have got a test report for your car that depicts a fail, it might be because of any of the reasons discussed below.

Engine Malfunction

Every vehicle is fitted with an engine light that illuminates as soon as a malfunction is detected by the engine. If your vehicle's lighting is in the ‘on' state, you should get it from a professional mechanic as a malfunctioning engine will result in the failure of the smog test.

Old Oil

Old oil is contaminated by fumes that the engine inhales in from different components of the vehicle like the oil pan. All the fumes travel to the engine oil through the combustion and pollute it, causing your vehicle to fail the Santa Clara smog check. Thus, in order to avoid this reason, it is recommended to get your engine oil changed regularly and prevent your engine from any malfunction arising due to the impure fuel.

Improper Tire Pressure

Get your vehicle's tires inflated to the proper pressure before going for the smog test as this might also become a reason for the failure. During the test, it is probable that the technician will take your car for a drive on the dynamometer. If the tires will be properly inflated, they will enhance both the accuracy and stability of the vehicle's performance in this part. Moreover, proper tire pressure lays a steady load on the engine, which, in turn, enhances the overall emissions.

Diagnose the Failure Report

If you have got the failure report, after getting the smog Palo Alto checked for your car, you can get to know about the reason and hence, get it repaired before the next test. Generally, there are three different types of failures, HC, CO and NOx, where each is caused by different malfunction. The HC failure is caused by a faulty ignition system, an out of order air injection system causes the CO failure, while the NOx one results from high level of combustion temperature.

Thus, with the knowledge of the exact reason that might lead you to fail in the smog test for your vehicle, you can get it repaired from a reputable auto repair Sunnyvale CA shop, before going for the test.

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