The Most Reliable Star Station For Smog Test In San Jose

It doesn't matter how much you drive or use car but almost everyone in California must have seen a brownish haze that hangs over the city mostly visible in sun. It is neither a good sight nor any bit healthy because that is smog. The most significant source of smog and pollution is the internal combustion engine which is in every vehicle. A small percentage of vehicles emit a large percentage of the pollution from on road vehicles. These emissions include not only older vehicles but some new cars because of poor maintenance or inferior oil used.

Vehicles other than diesel powered, electric or natural gas powered in California has to submit the evidence of smog certification at every renewal period. To meet the high performance standards established by the government Star Station like The Smog Man in San Jose. It is a test only smog check. They provide certain guidelines as to how one can improve their chances of passing the test. Take your car for a drive for at least 15-20 minutes so that it gets warmed up. One can only pass the test if the engine of the car is properly warmed up hence ensuring proper combustion. This is only possible after 10-15 miles of driving.

Keeping the tire pressure of your car optimum is suggested too for the smog test or smog check in Santa Clara. This is because when the car in put on dynamometer to check the performance of the engine a low pressure in tires can bring down the result and many a times borderline cars pass the test because of good tire pressure. Lastly good quality oil must always be used to increase the life and performance of your vehicles.

If you live in Santa Clara County and you have to renew the certification The Smog Man is the best option. A Star Station such as The Smog Man provides service throughout the County that is smog test in Palo Alto, Sunnyvale or even in the city of San Jose. A service like no other is provided here. Inspection completes in 15 minutes, clean waiting room and friendly staff has resulted into increase in the number of repeat customers. They also help in the case of transfer of ownership of the vehicle by providing a valid certificate of smog test for the new owner.

Smog tests are crucial for maintaining the federal health standard for ozone. If smog level increases past that limit for three times the state officially has dirty air. This brings respiratory and lung diseases to many. High level of smog will lead to stricter regulation against it and new business would not want to come in that region. This will affect the economic growth.

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