Tips on How to Successfully Road Trip with Your Pet(s)

Summertime calls for road trips. Whether you plan to go a short distance or long distance, consider letting your furry friend tag along with you! They probably want to get a breath of fresh air too.


If you want to hit the road with your pet(s), be prepared to do some additional planning, packing, and preparation. Here are some words of wisdom on how to prepare for your trip with your beloved animal:


Safety First! 

Your pets' security should, without question, always be a top priority. In order to ensure their safety, please make sure they are safely and comfortably secured in your vehicle. You should never leave him or her unrestrained. In some cases where you might have a window open, your cat or dog could accidentally fall out. We highly suggest that you bring a kennel or some other gear to keep your furry friend guarded. 


Pack Appropriately for Your Furry Friend

It always helps to make a list of items to pack before your trip, so be sure to include the essentials for your companion too. As a dog/cat owner, do not miss the food and water. Additionally, keep some extra money on hand just in case you have to purchase last-minute items.


Plan for Periodic Stops

Just like us, your adorable friend will also need to stop for stretches and bathroom breaks. If your trip is lengthy, then preplan your rest stops ahead of time to avoid a headache to find one.


Keep Them Entertained

To make the ride more manageable for you, you'll want to keep your pet entertained throughout the drive. Just like children, pets can become bored very easily. Consider bringing your animal their favorite chew toy. 


Your vacation will be more enriching if you take your furry friend(s) along. Before you embark on your journey on the road, make sure your vehicle is safe enough to make the drive. Our fantastic service team can give you a complete pre-trip inspection before you get out of San Jose, CA. If you require a pre-trip inspection, give us a call or visit Dhillon Motorsports soon.