Tips To Pass The Smog Check

Biannual smog check for cars is mandatory so that it is legal to drive the cars in the state. If you drive a car that has not cleared smog check, then it is considered illegal and you will be levied with heavy penalties. If you are taking your car for Smog Check in Santa Clara, then make sure you follow these simple tips that will help you in clearing the test in the first attempt itself.

Running or not? – If your vehicle is not running properly then get it repaired first and then go for smog test. If a car does not run properly then it will fail in the smog test and you may lose the fee you pay for the test. So drive your car at least for a week preferably in the highways to see if it is running properly.

Additives and benefits – You can also use fuel additives to the gas tank of your car to reduce carbon deposits prior to taking the car to the smog station. When carbon deposits are reduced by the fuel additives, the carbon emission is also very less which will instantly pass your car in the smog test.

Inflating tires – Check if the tires are properly inflated toclear the smog test. Inflated tires give better ability for your car to drive stable. This way a smog inspector may feel comfortable driving your vehicle during the smog exam.

Change oil – Changing oil not only means changing the engine oil of your car. Make sure that the oil pans, oil compartments and more of your car do not have oil deposits which the car may eject as carbons. Changing oil before smog test is always advisable.

Failed in Smog Test? Here's a Solution!

However, if your car has not passed the smog check, then you must locate the best auto repair service company to get the servicing of your car done. To fall on a safer side, you can give your car for smog check with the best company offering smog check along with auto repair San Jose and Santa Clara like The Smog Man which is a certified smog check and auto repair company.

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