Understand The Importance Of Smog Check

Smog test or smog check is an important type of car emission test. This test is done mainly in old model cars to identify if they emit more carbon content and are they economical.It is mandatory for your car to go through the biannual smog test in Sunnyvale for you to drive your vehicle in the CA. Not only in Sunnyvale but if you are in search of smog check in Santa Clara or in any other art of CA, read the following information.

To increase the value of your old car or a late model car that is manufactured at least 10 years ago, this smog test is ideal. Passing this test not so simple because most of the cars tend to fail in this test when their engine stalls during the test. This not only brings down the resale value of your vehicle but also cost you high when the insurance premium get doubled and when the transport authorities levy high fines for driving a car with emission problems.

What happens in a smog station?

Inasmog station where your car is being inspected, a certified authority will connect certain testing equipment to your car. the testing equipment connected are directly connected to the computers of the Bureau of Automotive Repair. The status of the vehicle and its condition gets directly updated on the computed of the Bureau of Automotive Repair and thus the license to drive this particular vehicle gets sanctioned. When a car passed the smog test then the Vehicle Inspection Report is provided to the valid owner certifying the vehicle to be good for driving.

In a vehicle fails in the smog check, then the authorities expect the car owner to get the car repaired at a certified car repair station or a good company owned automotive service station. Once the vehicle is repaired you can again take it for the smog test and get the certification for your car.

Things to Consider

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to prepare the car for smog check so that it passes it in the first go itself. You can drive your car in a highway for a week at least before the smog test to set the vehicle in perfect running condition. Also check the oil level,change the engine oil and get a simple automotive service done for your car prior to the smog check.

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