What are the Common Causes Behind Tire Feathering?

When you look at your tires and notice excessive wear, balding, or feathering - this is never a good sign. A worn out tire means safety issues and can decrease your ability to properly steer, slow, and stop your car when you need to. It also means that there could be an issue that is causing your tires to wear down excessively, and if so, this is going to cost you money on new tires probably faster than you would have needed new tires otherwise. 

Feathering tires is a specific type of wear that appears as if the tire rubber is fraying. It specifically points to wear and tear that is being done at a certain angle, which can cause one side of the wear to be sharp and the other side to be rounded.

Tires are designed to be properly angled, balanced, and regularly rotated in order to preserve their lifespan and ensure that they remain in the best condition possible for their age. When the tires aren't aligned properly, such as the bottom of the tires sticks out too far or the front of the tire points too far in, your car won't drive as smoothly as it should and feathering can occur. There are only two main causes for feathering:

  • Improper wheel alignment
  • Faulty suspension

As soon as you notice any type of feathering or excessive wear on your tires, its important to give us a call or stop by Dhillon Motorsports at your earliest convenience. When you ignore tire wear, you will end up costing yourself money on new tires more often and will put your overall safety on the road at risk. Our professionals can perform a proper vehicle inspection to pinpoint the cause of the issue and ensure that your vehicle's tires wear down at a normal rate and evenly.