What are the Symptoms of Bad or Failing Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are small, but they play a big role in your vehicle. Every time you turn the key, the plugs create an electric arc that ignites the fuel mix and gets the engine running. Normal wear and tear weakens the spark and affects performance. If your vehicle is displaying any of these warning signs, it might be time to replace your spark plugs.


1. Misfiring Engine

Have you noticed that your engine seems to hesitate or sputter when you're on the road? This often means that the spark plugs are going bad; the missing spark interrupts the combustion process.


2. Rough Idling

Failing spark plugs are often most noticeable when you're idling. The vehicle might sound rougher than usual. In some cases, your car will start to shake or vibrate. This usually means that the spark plugs aren't providing consistent fuel ignition.


3. Sluggish Acceleration

Each time you step on the gas, your engine responds by producing more power. When the spark plugs go bad, the engine isn't able to fire up normally. As a result, you might experience slow acceleration or sluggish response.


4. Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Are you stopping at the gas station more often than usual? Your spark plugs could be to blame. When they aren't performing as designed, the engine tends to burn more fuel. The plugs aren't necessarily failing — they may simply need a simple electrode adjustment. If that's the case, a mechanic can make a quick fix and get you back on the road.


5. Difficult Starts

Hard starts can have many causes, including a dead battery and a bad starter motor. Failing spark plugs can also lead to ignition problems. A weak or missing spark prevents the air/fuel mix from igniting. Schedule service as soon as you notice a change in the way your engine fires up; that way, you won't get stuck in a parking lot with a car that refuses to start.


Car trouble is never fun, but there's good news — new spark plugs are a fast and affordable fix. If you need spark plug replacement in San Jose, CA, give Dhillon Motorsports a call today!