What Car Complaints Are Not Worth Repairing?

You love your car and you never, ever want to get rid of it, but at what point are you wasting money by keeping your baby on the road? Trust us, we here at Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose understand, and we'll do what we can to help keep your vehicle running as it should. That said, there are some repairs – or car complaints – that are not worth the hit to your pocketbook.

Rod Knock

There's a term we use in the auto service industry and it is “rod knock.” What this means is your car engine's pistons are punching through your engine block. This happens when you drive like a maniac without taking care of your car. In other words, you don't change your engine fluids or have other maintenance done as you should. Either or both can cause the rod bolts and bearings to loosen, which gives the pistons the freedom they need to slam against the block. A damaged engine block and pistons will cost you more than you care to know to repair.

Bent Frame

If you've been in a bad accident, and we certainly hope that you haven't, you may want to go ahead and let your insurance company total your car. We know; that's tragic. Nonetheless, a damaged frame is hard to get back to the way it was. Even if you go to the best body shop in San Jose, your frame has been weakened from the damage. In other words, it will never, ever be the same or as stable as it once was. This can lead to additional expense in the future if your undercarriage or other frame components need constant maintenance and repair.

Blown Head Gasket

Yes, this one will kill you – figuratively speaking, that is. The head gasket separates the engine head from the engine block and if it separates, it has “blown.” When this happens, your engine's oil and coolant mix and create a toxic combination. If your car begins to overheat, stop the motor and have it towed to a mechanic right away. Overheating is one sign your head gasket has blown. If you catch the problem in time, you might be able to fix it, but don't breathe easy just yet. It can cost thousands. If you don't catch it time, your engine is a goner.

These are three car complaints that are not worth repairing. Not only is the cost to repair them beyond expensive, but the repairs will only stave further damage. If your vehicle fails a smog test, however, that shouldn't be too extensive a repair. Bring your car into Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose in San Jose, CA. You can reach us at 408-999-0699 to set an appointment.

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