What to Do if Your Car Battery is Dead

We understand that dreaded feeling of getting into your car in the morning and trying to start it with no avail. You may hear that “click-click-click” noise of your ignition attempting to start your car, or hear nothing at all. The good news is - a car battery is typically an easy fix. It just depends on the problem at hand. 

If your car won’t start, the first thing to do is attempt to jump start your vehicle with jumper cables. You will need a friend, family member, or neighbor to help you by using their working car to connect jumper cables to. If jump starting your car works - great! That is always a good sign. However, it doesn’t mean that your car battery is good to go. If you are successful at jump starting your car, you should drive your vehicle into your local trusted auto repair shop for a quick check. We will use a tool to check your battery and see how much life it has left. It will also help us determine if the issue was caused by the battery itself, or by a component in the starting and charging system. 

Sometimes our car batteries die from leaving a light on overnight, and if your car is jump started and still has a good amount of life left, then you’ll be fine. However, sometimes our batteries can die completely, and it is in this instance that you may need a battery replacement. Our starting and charging test can tell us this and what steps to take to fix the problem overall. 

If you can’t start your car using a jump start, you can either take your battery out of your vehicle and take it into our shop for a battery test or, you can have your vehicle towed into our shop. If you just bring your battery into our shop, and the test shows that your car battery is fine, your vehicle will need to be towed into our shop for further testing. This just means that the issue probably stems from the starting and charging system, not the battery. 

For any questions or concerns about your car battery, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Dhillon Motorsports.