What Happens If I Wait A Few Extra Thousand Miles To Have My Oil Changed?

Oil Change

Keeping the engine healthy with the proper amount of clean oil is vital to a well-functioning engine. But what happens if you forget? Well, it depends how many miles over you let things go.

Clean oil protects the engine's many moving parts, creating a barrier between metal pieces that rub together at high speeds in a heated environment. It also collects contaminates created by the combustion process, moving them to the oil filter that traps sludge until it can be disposed of.

Eventually, the extreme environment in the engine will start to break down the oil, causing it to lose its lubricating characteristics. When this happens, the compromised oil will damage the engine, since friction can take over and promote overheating.This heavy-duty job makes oil vulnerable to breakdown with time, which is why manufacturers recommend having the oil replaced every few thousand miles.

When and How to Check the Oil Level

When it comes to your vehicle's fuel, it's better to be overly-cautious, since dirty or insufficient oil can damage the engine and leave you with time-consuming, costly repairs. To be safe, experts recommend checking oil levels at least once a month.

This simple task involves opening the hood (with the engine off and cool) and pulling out the dipstick. Once you wipe the oil off, reinsert it fully and pull it back out, checking both sides. If the top of the oil streak sits between the crosshatched area, the level is fine. If oil sits below the minimum mark, you need more oil.

When to Schedule an Oil Change

Although the owner's manual is the truest authority for scheduled maintenance, you might need more frequent changes depending on your environment and driving habits (extreme temperatures, stop-and-go driving and city driving cause oil to age faster).

For the best results, check the oil frequently and have a licensed mechanic (who understands your vehicle and driving conditions) recommend an ideal oil change schedule. With a full evaluation of your driving situation, a professional can also discuss what type of oil will work best in your vehicle.

Oil changes are fairly inexpensive but essential to your car's performance and lifespan. Ignoring this easy task can have catastrophic consequences and leave you with a damaged engine whose repair costs far eclipse any regular maintenance work.

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