What If My Car Fails The Inspection


In many states throughout the US, drivers must bring their car in for an emissions or smog test before it can be registered. The reason for these tests is to help reduce the volume of dangerous, toxic gases that automobiles release into the air and environment. When you pass the smog test, you're given a certificate that allows the vehicle to be registered by your state. If your car fails the inspection, you likely need some kind of repair performed to ensure that it meets your localities' specific smog compliance rules.

If You Fail the Smog Inspection

Unfortunately, failing a smog inspection can become quite a hassle. The DMV will not register your vehicle which means you won't be able to obtain a license plate to drive it legally. So, what should you do if this happens? Each vehicle is different, and some may only require a small fix to get the car back into compliance. Others may require more extensive and costly repairs, which is why it's important that you bring to an experienced shop like Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose. We will provide you with a full report that explains any repairs that need to be made. Once the repairs are done, you can get a second smog inspection test that should likely pass.

What if You Fail Twice?

On rare occasions, the repairs you get may still not be enough to pass a smog or emissions test. Depending on your state, you may be able to show them that you've had the test done more than once, and you've spent money on repairs already. It all really depends on your unique situation, but some states will provide you with a waiver. Always check with your state's DMV to find out more about waivers, since it doesn't always apply to every state.

Making Sure You Pass

There are a few things you can do to increase your odds of passing a smog test. Try to maintain your vehicle and have regular preventative maintenance done at the recommended intervals. You should also have your exhaust system inspected on a regular basis and make any recommended repairs. Do this when you bring your vehicle in for other services like oil changes and tire rotations so you always remember to have it done. It can sometimes mean the difference between passing, failing, and a big headache.

If your vehicle needs auto repair or smog testing, contact the pros at Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose, CA today!