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Living in California is a dream, except when it comes to the required smog check every two years for your vehicle registration renewal. You could grumble about California's tough emission standards, but let's be honest: They are what keep The Golden State beautiful. Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose is a STAR station. What does that mean? Keep reading!

Your Renewal Notice

If you received a notice in your vehicle's renewal registration letter that says you must have your car, truck, or SUV smog tested at a STAR station, it means the check must be performed by a station that meets “higher performance standards,” per the State of California Bureau of Automotive Repair. This is the top certification for smog stations in California.

STAR Station Advantages

Even if your renewal notice didn't specify a STAR station for your smog check, it's often wise to take your vehicle to one anyway. STAR stations understand California's tough emissions requirements better than non-certified stations. They know the laws behind vehicle emission legislation and can explain them better to you.

California's smog regulations are unforgiving, and it's best to bring your automobile to a STAR station to understand what's needed to pass the smog test and why, exactly, your vehicle failed if it does fail. Stations that don't carry the STAR certification conduct less strenuous smog checks on your vehicle, which don't alert you of impending issues.

STAR Station Differences

The latter is crucial for vehicle maintenance as a less strenuous smog check won't detect possible issues that might rear their ugly heads later. A more strenuous test, such as that offered by STAR stations will help the technician better determine the health of your vehicle's emission system and its various parts, and prevention is the best medicine when it comes to vehicle service.

There are two types of STAR stations: test only and test and repair. As its name suggests, a test-only station will only conduct your smog check. It will then tell you whether the vehicle passed or failed and print out a certification or diagnostic report, respectively. A test and repair station can test the vehicle and then make any necessary repairs should the automobile fail the check.

Why This Is Important

All of this aside, you might wonder why a smog check is important overall, and the answer is simple: the environment. As we welcome 2019, it's important to heed the warnings issued by scientists at the end of last year. Global warming is a true threat to all of us, and California is doing its part to prevent greenhouse gasses through emissions control.

Don't grumble when you open your DMV registration renewal notice and see that a smog test is required. Rather, call Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose, CA, at 408-999-0699 and schedule your appointment. We'll be happy to test your automobile and make any necessary repairs in the event it fails California's emissions standards.

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