Why Do We Need To Do This Smog Test?

World is reeling with inflation and common man is the one to suffer the most. It has not affected just small countries but also the most powerful countries have also seen the brunt of it. First people of America were use to having all the luxury. They use to buy a vehicle and use it for few years or months and discard it and because of it old vehicles were not seen on the road .But not the scenario has change a bit .People have felt the pinch in their pocket and hence started to retain their cars for longer time. Longer the car, on the road more the pollution in the air. So, to curb the pollution every vehicle has to undergo smog test or smog check Santa Clara. Upto 10 – 15% of smog comes from the big cars with big engine like SUVs. We as responsible citizens should take steps to reduce the pollution and save our earth from global warming. First thing is to get the smog test or smog check or emission test to do on the vehicles.

Now, what is smog test? Why do we need to do this test? Does it make any difference to pollution level? Well smog test is test done on vehicles to reduce the gasses emitted by the vehicles. There are two ways in which the smog test is practiced: ASM and TSI (Acceleration simulation Mode, Two speeds Idle).Smog test has reduced the pollution level to great extent. The big cities of California los Angeles and San Francisco are considered one of the most polluted cities due to high traffic congestion. These cities need to have the vehicles emitting less carbon dioxide in order to keep the smog at tolerable levels. So the smog test and the necessary corrective action is very much essential in California.

The vehicle pollution gets into a vicious circle as more cars create more congestion and that in turn use more fuel, and when the vehicle runs or crawls at very slow speeds, the engine is not running at ideal condition and more fuel will be wasted unburnt giving out smoke which pollutes the atmosphere. In few more years, running the car in the optimal speed within the city would be included as the American dream and which would be more difficult to achieve.

The populated bay area like Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View and Palo Alto are most affected region by smog. So, California Air Resource Board has made it compulsory for the smog test in California State. One such smog test center is Your smog Man in San Jose which conducts smog check or smog test in most efficient manner without any hassle. The smog test center has been in the business since last seven years with good customer review and customer base.

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