Why Does California Require a Smog Test?

We're all aware of how fun and great the state of California is, which is why it is a densely populated area. The only downside of this statistic is the state has always been faced with a pollution problem. In fact, California cities occupied 27 out of the top 75 most polluted cities nationwide. To minimize the emissions, California requires a smog check for almost all vehicles to preserve the environment and atmosphere. The air we breathe is a valuable source, and everyone should do their part so that we can continue to enjoy the clean and fresh air in the future.


The Smog Check Program in California has dramatically reduced air pollution with the legislation. Smog check inspections are meant to identify cars that have excess emissions and have them repaired to be cleaner. If you live in San Jose, CA, passing a smog test is necessary if you want to register your vehicle. 


What Cars Require a Smog Check?

In the state of CA, all gasoline-powered vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, and hybrid vehicles that were manufactured in 1976 or after require a smog checkevery two years. There are exemptions for the inspection are for those automobiles that are eight model years and newer. Motorcycles and electric-powered vehicles are also excluded from the Smog Check Program. There's no reason you should skip out or put off a smog check. They are reasonably quick and usually last for 30 minutes.


Tips for Passing a Smog Check

  • Make Sure Your Car is Running Right
  • Use Fuel Additives
  • Take a Test Drive Beforehand 
  • Get An Oil Change 
  • Ensure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated
  • Ensure Check Engine Light Isn't On

If you require a California resident that needs a smog check on your vehicle, please consider taking it to Dhillon Motorsports. Our techs will you in and out quickly, so you can carry on with your busy day.