Why Does My Car Shake At A Stoplight


A properly functioning car should operate smoothly whether you're in the highway, driving slowly through a neighborhood, or while you're stopped at a stoplight. If your car is shaking whenever you are idle, it could indicate that there's a serious problem. If your vehicle is shaking and shuddering when it idles, contact the experts at Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose for an evaluation. Here are some potential reasons why your vehicle is shaking at a stoplight.

Your Spark Plugs are Dirty or Worn Out

Spark plugs that are dirty or worn out don't fire properly. This means they can no longer ignite the fuel in your car's piston cylinders, which causes the vehicle to misfire. In some cases, your dirty spark plugs can be cleaned, but it's best to go ahead and have them replaced so you won't need to worry about the shaking any longer. Replacing the spark plugs is an easy and inexpensive fix, and a professional mechanic will ensure that they're installed the right way.

The Car has a Dirty or Faulty Fuel Intake System

If the fuel intake system has become dirty or it's improperly adjusted, it will cause your car to shake. Over time as you drive, the fuel intake valves become clogged up with grime, dirt, and sludge. When this happens, the valves can no longer deliver even amounts of fuel to your engine. This causes the engine to receive an uneven supply of clean fuel, which results in that annoying shaking. Have your mechanic check this along with your fuel pump for any potential problems.

Your Belts Need Attention

Whether it's the timing belt, v-belts, or serpentine belt, if they are loose, it can cause some serious engine vibration. Loose belts may also cause your car to create an annoying squealing sound. Ask your mechanic to check for any loose or worn out belts to see if they could be the culprit. Any belt that is not adjusted properly will cause other parts to operate at incorrect speeds, resulting in odd noises and engine vibrations. This issue is easy to fix, and it could be the remedy to your shaking problem.

A Hose is Loose or Disconnected

The vacuum hose in your car is connected to several different areas of your engine. This hose helps to expel gases and fumes like exhaust from your engine. If the vacuum hose is leaky or broken, it will cause some serious shaking to occur. Other hoses should also be checked when you take your car in just to ensure that everything is still attached securely. A quick refit of hoses might help to fix the issue.

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