Why Every Driver Needs A Roadside Emergency Kit

emergency kit

What's that saying….anything that can go wrong will go wrong? Yes, well if you've lived long enough, you know this one bears some truth, especially when it comes to your vehicle. While paranoia serves little purpose, you can navigate life's roadside catastrophes more handily with a little forethought and a few essentials. Here are some tools that might help you out in a bad situation:

  • Flat Tire Accessories – Hopefully you have a spare, but if it's already in use and another tire needs help, you can find commercial products that temporarily fix a damaged tire (Fix-A-Flat, for example).
  • Tire Changing Tools – If you need to put on the spare, you'll need more than the tire: tire iron, jack, lug nuts.
  • Water – If the worst happens in the middle of nowhere, you might need to hydrate while waiting for help. It never hurts to have a few water bottles on hand.
  • Portable Power Source/Phone Charger – If you get stranded, having a way to call for help is a must. Many stores sell inexpensive phone chargers you can keep in the car.
  • Flashlight – Emergencies don't wait for daylight, so having portable light on hand can be a lifesaver. And don't forget backup batteries.
  • First Aid Kit – Ideally, you'll have one of these at home, too. It should include band-aids, antiseptic, over-the-counter pain medicine and any backup medications you and your passengers require.
  • Small Tool Kit – Having the basics (screw driver, wrench, extra headlight/tail light bulbs, matches or lighter) will come in handy if your car needs minor repairs to stay drivable.
  • Knife – A high-quality knife not only acts as protection but can be useful in situations where you need to cut through material.
  • Sleeping Bag/Extra Jacket – Especially during colder months, having a way to keep warm (should you need to sleep in your car) can make the difference between an inconvenient night and a traumatic one.
  • Flares – Hopefully you'll never need these, but if you do, you'll be glad you put them in your emergency kit.
  • Jumper Cables – You'll need these should your battery die. They also work if you come across another river who needs help.

Life happens, so taking the time to keep these items stashed in your trunk can help you come out of a bad situation relatively unscathed.

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