Your Smog Man Is A Car Repair Shop With Full Service

They are proud to fast, friendly and efficient. Whether you need a system check, maintenance or repair routine check Smog meet Speedy and exceed their expectations. The prices are competitive and our service is excellent. They employ ASE certified technicians, and constantly improve their training and are trained in this ever-changing industry.

  • The services of Smog Check San Jose & Santa Clara Ca know that a well-maintained car more reliable, safer, longer, and to increase your satisfaction with your product. Automakers and owners of Smog Test & Smog Check Sunnyvale also have a responsibility to ensure that the controls are controls of regular programming and operating properly. Regular maintenance helps to achieve these goals by keeping the engine and efficiently eliminate run potential problems that may skipped.
  • Just as Ben Measure vehicle pollution in and out quickly as a test station and do not bog down the service staff. Since it is an official record of the station, let the owner of auto repair in San Jose & Sunnyvale Caknow that your car all legal and do not release harmful fumes that can harm the environment or cause cement truck sneezing. Meanwhile, to get his car proof, customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi.
  • If your vehicle another 6 years or less, you have your vehicle checked not smog every 2 years. Instead, they are to pay a smog reduction of $ 20 per year for the first 6 years of enrollment. After the first 6 years, you will be regularly subjected to smog check program.

Smog share reduction does not apply to:

  • Alien vehicles.
  • 1998 Vehicle model year and newer weighing less than 14,000 pounds Diesel.
  • Specifically year vehicle model in 1976 and later constructed.
  • These vehicles are still part of the biennial Pollution Certification Program and must be checked every 2 years.
  • The transmission of a vehicle

When a vehicle falls titles, you should undergo no smog test when he is 4 years or less; However, the new owner will transfer $ 8 Smog pay fee.If the vehicle are more than 4 years, you need to make getting a certification of actual environmental impact.

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