Charging System

The battery in your car doesn’t power your vehicle by itself. While your vehicle is running, it is actually helping to charge your battery to keep it running. When your car won’t stay running or won’t start at all, the issue isn’t always the car battery. A problem with your vehicle’s charging system can lead to a dead battery and can give you car trouble unexpectedly. If you do suspect an issue with your vehicle’s charging system, the experts here at Dhillon Motorsports are here to help.

A typical car battery lasts between 3-5 years and will work without issue in that time frame unless a problem occurs with the starting or charging system. An issue with the charging system will prevent the battery from receiving the proper charge to run your vehicle. A faulty alternator is typically a culprit when it comes to charging system issues. The alternator is the component that recycles energy while your vehicle runs to power the battery. Without this, your battery won’t be sufficiently charged throughout your drive.

Symptoms of a battery or charging system problem include the following:

  • Battery warning light is on
  • Car won’t start or won’t stay running
  • Dashboard lights are dim
  • Radio, power locks, or power windows aren’t working correctly
  • Vehicle cranks slowly

When you bring your vehicle into Dhillon Motorsports, we will perform the necessary tests to determine the exact cause of issue. We can test your battery and inspect the starting and charging system to figure out which component is causing the problem. Once we figure out what is causing you trouble, we provide you with a full estimate of the work that is necessary to restore your vehicle and get you back on the road.

If you’re in need of San Jose charging system repair, bring your vehicle into Dhillon Motorsports for same day service or give us a call today!