Chevy Volt Service in San Jose, CA

To compete with other automobile manufacturers, Chevrolet introduced the Volt to the American market in December 2010. Although its name suggests it's an electric vehicle, the Volt is actually a hybrid, which means it runs on electricity and gas. Smog Man Test and Repair is more than a smog check shop. We specialize in hybrid vehicle service and repair and we'd be happy to help you keep your Chevy Volt running at its best on the road.


As with fuel-driven vehicles, your Volt's engine needs regular oil changes and other scheduled maintenance per the manufacturer's recommendations. In the case of the Chevy Volt, the manufacturer recommends oil changes every 7,500 miles. When you bring your vehicle in at these milestones, we will also check the brakes, belts, fluids and hoses and rotate your tires.

At the 15,000 mile check, we will change your cabin air filter and inspect the brakes to see if your pads need replacing yet. At 22,500 miles, you should consider having your rotors changed and the brake pads, too, if we didn't replace them at 15,000 miles. At 30,000 miles, we'll take a look at your fuel filter and spark plugs to ensure they don't require replacement.

The recommended maintenance schedule doesn't stop there, but you get the gist. Keeping your Volt running at its best requires regular service. This also extends the life of your engine and the miles you'll get out of the car. We are hybrid experts, so we understand how to maintain the portion of your engine that runs on electricity, too.


No matter how well you maintain your Volt, however, there will be times when it needs repairs. When a customer brings his or her Chevy Volt into our shop for repair, it's usually because the vehicle doesn't accelerate as it should. This isn't just a Chevy Volt problem, many hybrids struggle with acceleration because of the complex mechanics behind their electric/fuel propulsion systems.

In the case of the Volt, we often repair issues in the electrical system or the powertrain to improve vehicle propulsion, but that's not all we do. As with all vehicles these days, your Volt has an onboard computer that illuminates warning lights when a system isn't operating as it should be. We can isolate and fix the cause of warning light illumination. We can also determine why your Volt stalls.

We are Smog Man Test and Repair but we do so much more than smog tests. We also maintain and repair hybrids including the Chevy Volt. Call to schedule an appointment at our San Jose, CA, shop, or stop in to talk with one of our certified mechanics.