Cooling System

Your vehicle’s cooling system has the vital job of ensuring that the engine is always protected from overheating. When there is a problem with the cooling system, eventually the engine will overheat and severe component damage can occur. Here at Dhillon Motorsports, we want to help you properly maintain your cooling system and assist when any repairs are needed. Our mechanics are ASE certified professionals and work on all makes and models of vehicles.

If the cooling system in your car isn’t working as it should, it is vital to have your vehicle inspected at our shop as soon as possible. A good way to avoid cooling system issues from occurring is by having the system inspected by our San Jose cooling system repair experts at least once a year. An inspection will allow our mechanics to take a look at the fluid levels, vital components, radiator, hoses, and more to ensure that everything looks good. Engine repairs can be costly, so avoiding engine trouble is in your best interest.

Cooling system issues are hard to detect just by symptoms, but the most obvious issue is an engine that is overheating. If you keep seeing the check engine light or temperature warning light turn on or the engine temperature gauge is high, don’t wait to bring your vehicle into our San Jose engine repair shop. Our shop uses factory level equipment and diagnostic tools to determine the exact issue at hand to get you back on the road in no time.

Cooling system problems can stem from a number of different issues, including a blown head gasket or a leak from the radiator. If your vehicle overheats or your notice a visible leak that is either green or orange in color coming from underneath your vehicle, visit our shop as soon as possible. Our technicians will perform a cooling system pressure test which will help simulate the engine getting hot and allow us to determine where the problem is coming from. We will work quickly and get you back on the road safely.

When you need San Jose car cooling system repair, give us a call here at Dhillon Motorsports today or stop by our shop - walk-ins are welcome!