Monitor Reset Service / OBD 2 Drive Cycle

Here at Dhillon Motorsports, we are the smog test and repair experts in San Jose. When you bring your vehicle into our San Jose repair shop for a smog test, and your car fails, we can help take care of the needed repairs and perform the necessary drive cycle to get your vehicle to pass emissions testing.

An emissions systems problem will almost always trigger your vehicle’s check engine light to turn on. Our experts will be able to determine this by running the code that triggered the light to illuminate and confirming that the code was an emissions system issue. Our experts can then repair that issue and the readiness monitors will run a series of tests to confirm that the repairs were done correctly and that the issue was repaired so that your vehicle can pass emissions testing.

The readiness monitors are in place to test your vehicle’s emission related systems and detect when there is an issue. They are also in place to run a series of tests after a check engine light is reset to ensure that a fix was actually made. This in place to protect our environment and ensure that there is no “cheat” around getting a car to pass emissions. If the readiness monitors aren’t working properly, our professionals will run an OBD 2 drive cycle which will essentially reset your vehicle and allow the on board diagnostics to begin running correctly again.

While OBD 2 Drive Cycle is an exceptional diagnostic tool, it also allows us to verify auto repairs have solved the issue. For example: you had your battery changed or had a repair service performed recently. We can test that repair by running a drive cycle through the monitor for the repaired system. After we’ve finished testing, we connect the scan tool to check for codes. If the repaired system's monitor hasn't flashed a code, active or pending, the repair is verified.

Whether your vehicle needs a smog test, repair, readiness monitor reset, or a drive cycle performed, bring your vehicle into Dhillon Motorsports today for assistance.