Shocks / Suspension

The suspension system in your vehicle helps you maintain proper control while driving and allows your drive to be smooth. An issue with the comfort of your drive or trouble controlling your vehicle may stem from the suspension system and should be looked at as soon as possible. At Dhillon Motorsports in San Jose, CA, our ASE certified technicians are highly skilled and experienced to repair suspension systems on all makes and models of vehicles.

Our San Jose auto repair center uses factory level equipment to accurately diagnose and repair any issue with the suspension system correctly the first time around. A problem with the suspension system will most likely become apparent when you begin to notice changes in the steering and drivability of your vehicle. The following symptoms can indicate a suspension system problem:

  • Problems steering, especially when turning
  • Bouncing a lot after hitting bumps, potholes, or debris
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Car leans to one side or feels like it is nose diving
  • Car vibrating excessively during drive

Once you notice any of the problems listed above, stop by and have your vehicle checked by one of our experts here at our San Jose suspension repair shop. We are a full service auto repair shop and are able to perform any repairs that your vehicle may need. Plus, we guarantee most of our repairs with a NAPA AutoCare 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty.

If you need San Jose suspension repair or service, bring your vehicle in to Dhillon Motorsports today!