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Emissions control is probably not something you think about often. Maybe just once a year, and only if you fail your mandatory annual smog check. This forces you to consider your vehicle's safety for you, your fellow passengers, and other motorists in the community. Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose, CA started out completely focused on smog checks. You can imagine that since that's all we were focused on, we became pretty good at it–the best! While we've grown to so much more, we've maintained our expertise in smog testing and smog repair services. Choose us because we have the smog check and repair process down to a science. We're not going have you waiting around for answers. We'll have you in and out in no time, whether your vehicle passes or fails the smog inspection. Our team lets you know right away what's wrong and how we're going to fix it.

Failed Emissions Test–Come See the Experts!

Be part of our family of customers and trust your vehicle's smog checks and smog repairs to the experts. Don't let your vehicle's emissions prevent you from registering your vehicle or passing inspection. We have a team with an abundance of knowledge and experience with smog services for all makes and models. First, find out the true condition of your vehicle's exhaust system, and then find a shop that can perform quick and complete smog repairs. Fortunately, Dhillon Motorsports, formerly known as Smog Man San Jose is one and the same. The experts that let you know if your vehicle's emissions meet the state standards are the same experts that handle the necessary smog repairs. We're the San Jose and Willow Glen areas' one-stop shop for all issues dealing with your smog repairs and exhaust system.

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Smog repairs for your vehicle are not something you want to delay. If your vehicle did not pass the smog check standards, then that means your vehicle is emitting harmful levels of toxins into the air every time you drive. Take care of that as soon as possible, so you can return to safe road travel. We've dedicated a large part of our service expertise to making sure San Jose and Santa Clara motorists have a smog repair shop they can depend upon. Give us a call today to schedule your smog repair service. We'll have you back on the road in no time and ready for vehicle registration. You can also save time by using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you're in the area, feel free to stop by because we gladl