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The Most Reliable Star Station For Smog Test In San Jose

It doesn't matter how much you drive or use car but almost everyone in California must have seen a brownish haze that hangs over the city mostly visible in sun. It is neither a good sight nor any bit healthy because that is smog. The most significant source of smog and pollution is the internal combustion engine which is in every vehicle. A small percentage of vehicles emit a large percentage of the pollution from on road vehicles. These emissions include not only older vehicles but some new cars because of poor maintenance or inferior oil used. Vehicles other than diesel powered, electric or natural gas powered in California has to submit the evidence of smog certification at every renewal period. To meet the high performance standards established by the government Star Station like The Smog Man in San Jose. It is a test only smog check. They provide certain guidelines as to how one can improve their chances of passing the test. Take your car for a drive for at least 15-20 minutes so ... read more

High Necessity of smog test in state of California

The state of California has one of the strictest policies when it comes to smog test for cars. California has one of the highest levels of pollution in the whole world as per surveys. Key cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose requires car owner to have an enhanced smog check and help the state control pollution. Try to take care and change oil yourself at frequent intervals to avoid damage. If you have been maintaining your car's engine, you will not have any problems with the smog check. Don't wait for the time if the smog test center to take care of your engine or to change the oil in your car. During the smog test, do make sure that the engine is not hot or else the car might not pass the test . Drive for a few miles around before you have your car gets checked. Take out all the heavy things that are there in the car and can put extra load on your car's engine, this will prove as an advantage. It is also very important that you check your gas cap before ... read more